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Left to right: Cheryl Fujikawa, Assessor; Carol Darmody, Assessor; Lucelle Prindle, SALAS Owner and Assessor; Sue Mitchell, Assessor; Marie Schooten, Assessor; Judy Hasinoff, Assessor

Client Services

Left to right: Katherin Torres, Client Services Assistant, Brooks; Diana Avila, Client Services Assistant, Brooks; Crystal McPeak, Client Services Assistant, Nanton; Brittany Flick, Client Services Coordinator

Lucelle Prindle

Lucelle has ESL, academic upgrading, and college English teaching experience in addition to an extensive assessment, leadership, and curriculum development background.

Lucelle, SALAS Ltd. President and Owner, provides supervision of the CIC Contribution Agreement, the AJSTL Agreement, and all private company contracts.



Linda Flaman

Linda is the Client Services Coordinator for SALAS. She is usually the first contact clients have with our organization. Linda provides support to the clients as well as to the assessors.

Cheryl Fujikawa

Cheryl has extensive teaching and international work experience. Her academic background is in biology and microbiology in adult education. Cheryl has been involved in many international projects in South Africa, Belize, Ethiopia, ghana, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Papua New Guinea, etc.

Sue Mitchell

Sue has been in the university/college teaching profession for 35 years specializing in the Communication, Business and Human Services fields, with additional experience in psychiatry.

She has been conducting English assessments since 1990 when she became a certified assessor. During an interview, Sue and yourself will review your English assessment results and then determine the most appropriate school program to meet your needs.

Marie Schooten

through her experience working with newcomers (adults and families), Marie identified a need for more services in the rural areas. The CLB training has allowed her to increase her knowledge and provide more personal service for her literary clients. Marie is also able to work with local businesses to support their employees. She continues to look for opportunities to further her training, thus providing greater resources within rural communities.

Carol Darmody

Carol has 18 years of experience as an English as a Secon Language (ESL) teacher, a job club facilitator, and an academic upgrading instructor in Lethbridge and vancouver. Previously, she taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in Japan, Hong Kong, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

Carol has an interest in languages, and she enjoys meeting and assisting newcomers to Canada. Commencing in 2006, she has received training in the usage and implementation of various Canadian Language Benchmark tools and is a fully qualified assessor.

Judy Hasinoff

Judy brings with her extensive experience instructing in the adult ESL classroom, as well as almost 20 years as director of a college English language centre. She is a former president of the boards of Lethbridge Immigrant Settlement Association, Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language, and Languages Canada.

Judy has been a certified CLBPT assessor working at SALAS since the spring of 2009.