Why Language Assessment?

Why Language Assessment?2016-10-27T01:56:00+00:00

Canadian Language Benchmarks are the national standard for adult ESL programs. This assessment is fair, reliable, and standardized.

The results of this assessment:

  • are understood in all parts of Canada
  • are secure, and the information is distributed only to the person taking the assessment and the educational institution for placement purposes
  • will provide the learner with the following:
    • the means to recognize and gain recognition for his or her level of English language ability
    • benchmarks in speaking, listening, reading, and writing that will assist an ESL agency to determine eligibility for and placement within an English language program
    • standardized English assessment results that may be used for acceptance to post secondary programs or to meet employment English skill requirements.

More recently with the change in citizenship requirements pertaining to language proficiency, clients are advised to be benchmark tested and then enrol in language school or receive tutoring services prior to taking the citizenship exams–i.e. CELPIP or IELTS.  Doing this would more likely ensure success in the citizenship exam.