Language Benchmarks Assessment

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By using one of the four assessment tools, your assessor will give you a set of benchmarks in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. These benchmarks are used to place you in English language courses in Lethbridge (Lethbridge College or at Flexibility Learning Systems) or in Brooks (LINC level classes at Brooks Community Adult Learning Centre or Medicine Hat College, Brooks Campus).

If you are a Permanent Resident of Canada and 16 years of age or older you may be eligible to attend Language Instruction for Newcomers (Language Benchmark) classes at either of these locations or to be referred to LINC Homestudy LINC Online if your benchmarks are above Level 2.

Clients can be referred to LINC Homestudy LINC Online if no LINC program is available in their community or their health/family situation does not allow them to attend regular classes.

Clients need to be able to access a computer for their lessons, be available to talk on the phone to an instructor at least twice a week, and have to be able to set aside the time to complete the assigned work. LINC Online operates as a group session, just over the internet and has regular group/class meeting times.  Clients need to use a Web Cam to participate in these sessions and be able to spend several hours a week working on their lessons individually.